04 Apr

Kid Cudi – The Prayer

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04 Feb

MagicJack Plus Is My New Phone Of Choice

For years I have been getting over charged for phone service from at&t to the tune of $55 a month for my base rate and then extra for added features and long distance phone calls. Luckily this all ended all ended last month. I was sitting there watching TV late at night, as usual and on came another infomercial, this time the magicJack Plus infomercial. Well it seemed to good to be true as always but I decided to give it a shot anyway and believe it or not the thing is pretty damn good.

This little USB bad boy is slightly bigger than a jump drive and gives me home phone service for just $30 per year. Yep only $30 for the whole year when I use to pay $55 per month.  What’s even better is that this includes free long distance calls. Along with the calls I also get all of the add on features for free like call waiting, caller Id, and even voicemail to email.

It’s super easy to use, especially for someone like me that is technologically challenged. All I had to do was hook it into my computers USB drive, go through the registration process, and then hook it into my Road Runner Router and I was already making calls to my buddy up in Canada.

Look, I’m not one to make big changes as I had my at&t service for over 15 years but after trying the magicjack plus for a month I went ahead and cancelled my phone service. I got the device all in all for a cost of $95 which includes a one-time fee for the device and the first year of service along with a shipping charge. The were a bunch of upsells offered as well that I declined to take until I knew the device was something I wanted to keep. I did take the upsale to port my current phone number as I’ve had that number for around 15 years.

The only concern that I have, as I’ve read around the internet is that their customer service sucks and that if you have any problems with your service you are dead in the water. So far my service has been flawless and I haven’t had to use their customer service, fingers crossed that it stays this way.

Good luck if you decided to try the magicjack plus. I also forgot to mention is comes with a free trial so you can return it if you decide it’s not for you.

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04 Jan

Angus & Julia Stone – Black Crow

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11 Feb

Little Giant Blueberries – Grow Your Own Blueberries

I saw an ad on TV for blueberry plants that you can buy and plant in order to have your own supply of blueberries and it was very intriguing to me. The little plants are called little giant blueberries and they are suppose to be good enough to provide you with a constant supply of blueberries for many months out of the year.

The commercial was very wishy washy and I think the plants are over promised with a good chance for under producing but still an amazing idea nonetheless. It had never crossed my mind to grow my own blueberries which is quite strange because I eat them frequently in order to help with some digestive issues that I have developed over the last several years.  When I was little, growing up, I still remember walking out to my grandmothers strawberry garden and picking strawberries but blueberries? Nope, never crossed my mind, not then, not never. Is this something that a lot of people grow or am I correct in thinking its pretty rare? Perhaps that’s why they are pushing it so much, because its a relatively new idea?

Well anyway, I can’t really say whether these little giant blueberry plants will live up to the promises made by the blueberry giant company but I can say that growing your own blueberries is a fantastic idea and something I recommend.

Update #1: Here are some tips on growing your own blueberries from a study done by Michigan State University.

Update #2: Now that the little giant blueberries have been for sale for several years there are some sites that have some good information on them and it looks like its they aren’t a bad deal but that they are somewhat disappointing as is the case with most infomerical products.

11 Feb

So Much Spam

I can’t believe how bad spam is these days. I know I never post here but every single time that I login to check if anybody, maybe just one person has visited and left a comment I am always excited only to find out that all 243 comments left were total and complete spam. Not even one of them was an actual person.

Maybe I should get to blogging about some real stuff and someone will leave a comment.

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08 Feb

The Kansas City Chiefs

I just wanted to let it be known that I am a huge fan of the NFL and more specifically the Kansas City Chiefs. They are my favorite team and they are doing quite well right now with Trent Green, Priest Holmes, and the whole crew! Go Chiefs!

Someday I promise I will add some real content to this site… I’m just trying to find time right now but I’ve been to busy with family.

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